EpoDB Server Page (version 2.2)

EpoDB is currently restored and alive.

EpoDB is supported by grant number R01-RR04026-08 from the National Center for Research Resources,NIH

EpoDB( Erythropoiesis database) is a database of genes that relate to vertebrate red blood cells. It includes DNA sequence, structural features, protein information, gene expression information and transcription factor binding sites.

General Information

What's new in version 2.2 of EpoDB 11/01/99
Tutorial What can you use EpoDB for?
Papers on EpoDB
Keywords used to populate EpoDB
Guide to EpoDB Schema
Transcription unit showing the features and sample heuristics used in annotating GenBank entries.
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Quick Text Search
This query allows all the entries in EpoDB to be accessed by a Boolean text search. DNA searches look at the GenBank definition line, species name, reference gene status (ref or 0), and molecule type (dna or rna) and EPoDB and GenBank IDs. Protein searches look at taxonomy, name, and IDs for EpoDB, Swiss-Prot, EMBL and Medline.

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Specific Gene Searches
Gene Name Retrieve reference (fully-annotated and complete) genes.
Gene Family Name Retrieve reference genes by cellular roles and location.
Gene ID Retrieve any entry you know the ID for.
Gene expression Retrieve summaries of experiments looking at gene expression.
Gene Groups Retrieve all entries representing the same gene.

Sequence Analysis & Searches

Gene Landmarks Retrieve sequence relative to transcriptional and translational starts and stops then analyze them.
Gene FeaturesRetrieve sequence encoding specified transcribed and translated regions then analyze them.
Promoter Box Search promoters for 1 or 2 specified sequences
Blast Searches Search EpoDB for similar sequences.

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