Syntax for Boolean Queries

Use standard Boolean operators (and, or, not) and group with (). Make certain that all " and ( are matched with " and ). Multiple words to be found together must be placed inside " ". Use . for a single character wildcard and .* for multiple characters. Nested parentheses are not allowed following a "not" operator. The search is case insensitive.

Example queries

(DNA and "alpha.globin") not (pseudo or psi)
Finds all genomic entries for alpha globin (or alpha-globin) that are not pseudo genes or psi. Note that query terms that contain non alpha-numeric characters must be enclosed in quotes!

(dna and ("alpha globin" or "alpha-globin")) not (pseudo or psi)
Same thing except the first query would also match alpha_globin etc.

Incorrect syntax

(dna and ("alpha globin" or "alpha-globin") not (pseudo or psi)
There is an unmatched (.