PaGE_5.1 Documentation - the --missing_value command

If the data has missing values, they can be denoted by any string (including the empty string), as long as that string does not contain tabs. Use this option to specify the missing value indicator.

This command takes one argument of type string.

Note 1: If you do not specify this option and your missing values are empty strings, then the program will understand this as the default.
Note 2: If you do not specify this option on the command line and your missing values are not empty strings, then when the program encounters the first non-numeric character, it will stop and ask you if that is your missing value indicator.
Note 3: Your missing values, if any, must be designated by a fixed string, there cannot be more than one different string in the file to indicate missing values.

Example 1:

> perl --missing_value NA

Example 2:

> perl --missing_value "not present"