PaGE 5.0 Java Application Installation

Please follow the steps to install the PaGE 5.0 java program.

  1. first of all, make sure you have JDK 1.4 or latest version install in your PC. To do this, go to to get the latest Java software.
  2. download the PaGE program from download site
  3. After you accept the license agreement, you can either download the compressed tar file containing PaGE 5.0 and the documentation or the installer program for Windows-based PCs.
  4. If you download the tarball, unzip the page.tar into any directory you prefer, you will see the following files: jh.jar, PaGE.jar, Readme, RunPaGE.bat and a directory called "sample_dataset", which contains some sample microarray datasets. If you download the installer, just double click it and follow the instructions on the screen. It will create a entry for PaGE in Window's start menu.
    Note the followings are for the tarball installation.
  5. If you are using linux, Unix or Mac, open a terminal window in your PC. If you are using Windows machine, you can start DOS terminal by going to Start->All Programs->Accessaries->Command Prompt
  6. go to the directory where you put these two files, type the following command:
    In Windows machine: java -classpath "jh.jar;PaGE.jar" page.PaGE
    or you can double click the batch file for Windows "RunPaGE.bat", which should automatically start the program.

    In Linux, Unix or Mac: java -classpath "jh.jar:PaGE.jar" page.PaGE

you may need to specify the the maximum size of memory for the PaGE program by adding one option "-Xmxnm" before page.PaGE, where n is number of megabytes allocated, for example:
java -classpath "jh.jar;PaGE.jar" -Xmx800m page.PaGE in Windows PCs
java -classpath "jh.jar:PaGE.jar" -Xmx800m page.PaGE in Linux, Unix or Mac PCs
which allocated 800M memory for the program.

PaGE should start up and open up a window that looks like this