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Genomic Mappings
Ontology Terms in RAD
MGED Ontology Terms in RAD (Version 1.1.7/8)
  • MGEDOntologyTerm: ontology terms, their definitions, and the sources from which these terms were obtained. [view table]

  • OntologyTermType: category and category description for ontology terms. [view table]

  • MGEDOntologyRelationship: relationships between terms such as "ChromosomalAberration (subject term) is a subClassOf (ontology relationship type) OntologyEntry (object term)" or "BioSequence (subject term) has_species (predicate term) and species hasClass (ontology relationship type) Organism (object term)." [view table]

  • OntologyRelationshipType: types of the relationship between ontology terms. [view table]