This is an example of Span Formatted data for STAC input. The first line of the file gives the span of the entire region being analyzed, in this ccase from 1MB to 100MB. Each consecutive row gives the spans of aberration for each experiment, in this case five experiments. The first experiment "exp1" has two spans of aberration, "exp2" has three spans, "exp3" has one span, etc. Each list of spans is semi-colon delimited. Between the experiment ID and the list of spans is a tab.
exp1	12,534,434-25,234,420;44,243,235-65,234,444
exp2	43,234,222-54,234,433;77,234,444-77,884,234;80,000,000-81,000,000
exp3	53,234,222-60,000,000
exp4	12,000,000-15,000,000;17,000,000-23,000,000;44,000,000-47,000,000;
exp5	53,234,222-60,000,000;65,000,000-75,000,000