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The Salesforce Siren Song

The Salesforce Siren Song
(with apologies to William Wordsworth)

I wandered lonely as a cloud
Until the Internet drew me a crowd.

And soon thereafter did I find
Myself with data streams entwined
From a system that was unlike mine.

The records it did send to me
Spoke an unfamiliar foreign key.

I did my best to understand
That other system’s business plan.

But its aging schema was so arcane
That efforts to grasp it seemed in vain.

Our structural differences were, I think
What made it hard to stay in sync.

But why keep such a dinosaur
When I can give you so much more?

Shrug off your earthly bounds
And soar with me into the clouds.

With SaaS the sky’s the limit.
There is no place for legacy in it!

But I would enjoin you to be astute
And just be sure to pack a chute.

- Hack from a SOA Sad Sack

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