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The SOA server we currently possess
Has been lumbering along under gastric distress.

Its dedicated database steadily balloons
With the audit trails left by the data it consumes.

We've let out its pants, metaphorically speaking,
By increasing the table space and constantly tweaking.

Nowadays so sated, it is difficult to budge.
Making use of its services is becoming a drudge.

Enablers no longer! We have resolved to delete
The contents of which this store is replete!

Not easily done as purging is meager
Given the limits of its purging procedure.

Valiant attempts at index creation
Have done little to offset data inflation.

Even when purging brings growth to a halt
The price of success is an occasional fault.

Binging and purging it seems, cannot happen in tandem.
But binging most notably, happens at random.

Pity the tenders toiling endlessly to rid it of cruft
Of which cumulative transactions have left it overstuffed.

Never have I seen software go so awry
As to be said to suffer from a case of TMI.

- Once a doggerelist, well ....

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