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EPConDB was created to support the Endocrine Pancreas Consortium funded by NIDDK to identify novel pancreatic genes through the sequencing and analysis of EST libraries. EPConDB became part of the NIDDK Beta Cell Biology Consortium (BCBC) and reconstituted as Beta Cell Genomics to support the efforts of the BCBC.

One of the main outcomes of the Endocrine Pancreas Consortium was the PancChip for microarray analysis. An associated PromoterChip was also generated. Information on these arrays is available at the CBIL Downloads site ( and at ArrayExpress.

Related publications:
EPConDB: a web resource for gene expression related to pancreatic development, beta-cell function and diabetes.
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ArrayExpress entries for PancChip and PromoterChip
A-CBIL-1 - UPenn Mouse PancChip 2.1:
A-CBIL-2 - UPenn Mouse PancChip 5.0:
A-CBIL-3 - UPenn Mouse PancChip 2.1.1:
A-CBIL-6 - UPenn Mouse PancChip 4.0:
A-CBIL-7 - UPenn Mouse PancChip 2.0:
A-CBIL-9 - UPenn Mouse PancChip 6.0:
A-CBIL-10 - UPenn Mouse PancChip 6.1:
A-CBIL-14 - UPenn Mouse PromoterChip 3.0:
A-MEXP-1668 - Upenn Mouse PromoterChip 5A.1:
A-MTAB-536 - Upenn Mouse PromoterChip 5B.0:

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