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CBIL hosts OBI workshop

A workshop was held May 29-31, 2013 to review and discuss core terms in the Ontology for Biomedical Investigations (OBI). Details about what was covered can be found at the Philly2013 wiki page at the OBI web site.

FGED 15th International Conference: Translational Genomics: Applications of Genomics to Clinical Diagnosis and Treatment

The FGED Society is pleased to announce the 15th Annual FGED meeting. FGED15 will focus on clinical applications of genomics to diagnosis and patient care, cancer genomics, big data & bioinformatics to support clinical diagnostics and patient care, and processing of next generation sequencing data. The meeting will take place June 20-22, 2013 at the downtown Seattle Public Library, Seattle, Washington.
See the FGED Seattle Conference site for more details.

TESS - New Documentation

The TESS software has been re-packaged to include some additional documentation.


TESS code now available as download

The TESS site for searching positional weight matrices (PWMs) of transcription factors is no longer available as indicated on the TESS page. However, in response to requests, we have made the source code for TESS and instructions for use available through the CBIL download site.


Cardiovascular Biology project

A Cardiovascular Biology Project page has been created to describe the long-standing collaboration between CBIL and Prof. Peter Davies' group. The project page also provides a table with links to publications, related functional genomics data and supplementary data and information.

Change in RAD site

The RNA Abundance Database (RAD) web site is no longer available for programmatic access to studies. We have replaced it with a web page briefly describing the history of RAD and indicating how to access the content previously provided by that site.

ErythronDB site is released.

The ErythronDB site has been released in conjunction with the publication of "Ontogeny of Erythroid Gene Expression" (Kingsley et al. eBlood 2012). The site provides access to microarray data on 4 different stages of red blood cell differentiation from three mouse lineages: primitive, fetal definitive, and adult definitive. Strategies are used to query the data for genes, expression, and relationships.

Page added for Student and Post-doc projects

Research in CBIL covers beta cells and diabetes, protozoan parasites, data mining and knowledge representation. Current research projects available for rotation and independent study students that could turn into thesis projects or be the focus of a post-doc project are listed on the Student and Post-doc Project page.


Jie Z. and Chris S. attended the International Conference on Biomedical Ontology / Formal Ontology in Information Systems hosted by the Medical University of Graz in Austria.


New CBIL web site

Welcome to the new CBIL web site!


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