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Staff Bio profile for manduchi

Elisabetta Manduchi
Manager, Research Project B
  • Bioinformatics Scientist / 2015 - present
    University of Pennsylvania, Institute for Biomedical Informatics, CGL
  • Manager, Research Project B / 2001 - 2015
    University of Pennsylvania, Center for Bioinformatics, CBIL
  • Postdoc (transition from Math to Bioinformatics) / 1998 - 2001
    University of Pennsylvania, Center for Bioinformatics
  • Visiting Assistant Professor / 1996 - 1998
    Haverford College, Department of Mathematics
  • Postdoctoral Lecturer / 1994 - 1996
    University of Pennsylvania, Department of Mathematics
  • Ph.D. / Mathematics - 1994 - University of Maryland, College Park
  • Laurea / Mathematics - 1987 - University of Rome I "La Sapienza"
Research Interests:
  • I am a Bioinformatics Scientist, with extensive experience in analysis and management of high-throughput biological data, including development of methods, algorithms, computational tools, functional genomics databases and web resources. I am a former member of CBIL (UPenn), where I have been involved in several projects including: Beta Cell Genomics (Project Manager), RAD and GUS, PaGE, and Significance Testing for Direct  Identity-by-descent mapping (STeDI). As part of CBIL, I have collaborated with many investigators both within and outside of the University of Pennylvania, including a long-term collaboration with Professor Peter Davies' group at UPenn on analyses of high-throughput datasets relative to Cardiovascular Biology. I have also collaborated with Dr. Greg Grant's bioinformatics group at ITMAT (UPenn) on methods and code to pre-process and analyze RNA-Seq data. In 2015 I have joined the Computational Genetics Laboratory in the Institute for Biomedical Informatics at UPenn where I work on approaches for identifying genetic and genomic biomarkers associated with human health and disease, embracing the complexity of the genotype-to-phenotype mapping relationship due to phenomena such as epistasis. In addition, I spend part of my time working within the Spatial and Functional Genomics Initiative (SFGI) at The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP), led by Professors Struan Grant, Gerd Blobel and Andrew Wells. As part of this initiative I work on analysis of Chromosome Conformation Capture high-throuput data.
Recent Publications:
    • Manduchi  E. (1991) Steiner Heptagon Systems. Ars Combinatoria, 31: 105-115.
    • Manduchi  E. (1995) Root numbers of fibers of elliptic surfaces. Compos. Math., 99: 33-58.
    • Manduchi E. (1995) Elliptic surfaces and a conjecture of Mazur. Rendiconti del Seminario Matematico, Universita' e Politecnico di Torino, 53: 339-345.
    • Grant G.R. and Manduchi E. (1997) Root numbers and algebraic points on elliptic surfaces with base P1. Duke Math. Jour., 89(3): 413-422.
    • Grant G.R. and Manduchi E. (1998) Root numbers and algebraic points on elliptic surfaces with elliptic base. Duke Math. Jour., 93(3): 479-486.
    • Grant G.R., Manduchi  E., Cheung V.G., Ewens W.J. (1999) Significance testing for direct identity-by-descent mapping. Ann. Hum. Genet., 63: 441-454.
    • Manduchi E., Grant G.R., McKenzie S.E., Overton G.C., Surrey S., Stoeckert C.J. Jr. (2000) Generation of patterns from gene expression data by assigning confidence to differentially expressed genes. Bioinformatics, 16(8): 685-698.
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    • Grant G., Manduchi E., Stoeckert C. Using non-parametric methods in the context of multiple testing to identify differentially expressed genes.Methods of microarray data analysis, editors S.M. Lin and K.F. Johnson, Kluwer Academic Publishers (Boston, 2002): 37-55. (Winner of the best presentation award CAMDA'00.
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    • Manduchi E., Scearce L.M., Brestelli J.E., Grant G.R., Kaestner K.H., Stoeckert C.J. Jr. (2002) Comparison of different labeling methods for 2-channel high-density microarray experiments. Physiological Genomics, 10(3): 169-179.
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