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EuPath ontology is part of the OBO Foundry library

The EuPath ontology is an OBO Foundry-based application ontology created to support consistent annotation and description of studies and datasets presented on EuPath resources. EuPath ontology now has an OBO Foundry page and can be browsed at ontology servers such as Ontobee and the NCBO Bioportal. EuPath ontology also has a github site for development.


TURBO Group formed

The TURBO (Transforming and Unifying Research with Biomedical Ontologies) Group was formed to accelerate finding and connecting key information from clinical records for research through semantic associations to the processes that generated the clinical data.


New release of the Ontology for Biobanking

UPDATE: OBIB has a 2017-11-30 release with 1839 terms (classes and instances) for describing some aspect of biobanking and biobank specimens. These include coverage of biospecimen pre-analytic variables and GTEx fields from the NCI Biorepository and Biospecimen Research Branch.

Publication on Ontodog in Bioinfomatics

A description of Ontodog, a web-based ontology community view generator, has just been published as an Applications Note in Bioinformatics. Ontodog was developed as a collaboration with Oliver He's group at the University of Michigan.


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