What's New in EpoDB v2.2

11/01/99: EpoDB Server is now back to function following an extended close during which our system was reconstructured. We apologize for any inconvenience the close may have caused you. We would also like to alert you that the bioWidgets in EpoDB is not fully functional at this time. If you have noticed that EpoDB has not been updated lately, you are right. We are currently integrating EpoDB into a new database named HemoDB. We anticipate HemoDB to be released shortly and we will make the announcement here and provide the links when it happens. Thank you for using EpoDB and please don't hesitate to send your comments and suggestions to epodb@pcbi.upenn.edu

4/23/99: The "Recent paper on EpoDB" has been replaced with a page of papers on EpoDB. Papers in the 1998 and 1999 Database issues of Nucleic Acids Research can be downloaded as pdf files.
The TESS server that EpoDB uses is now www.cbil.upenn.edu which should speed up response.

2/22/99: Attention MacUsers. A new Mac OS Runtime for Java (MRJ) 2.1 is available from Apple. This may allow the bioWidgets to work better for you.

1/25/99: BLASTView has been updated to search libraries containing the latest EpoDB entries. BLASTView now contains an "Analyze" option which shows protein motif annotation from the BEAUTY server at Baylor.

11/4/98: The new entries in EpoDB v2.2 are now available through most of the queries. Still to come is including the new entries in the Gene Groups query, the BLAST search, and the graphical view. The number of new entries is given on the "keyword" page and the new names are given on the "controlled vocabulary" page.

Three major advances have occurred in the 2.2 version of EpoDB.

New feature:
We have added MEME which detects motifs conserved between sequences to the tools available on the Gene Landmarks and Gene Features Result pages. MEME was developed by Bailey, Elkan and Grundy at the UCSD Computer Science and Engineering Dept. MEME let you specify whether all input sequences have the conserved motif (or just a subset) and whether more than one motif may be found. Also available is MAST which will search EpoDB for instances of the motifs discovered by MEME.

C. Stoeckert 10/2/98

What was new in EpoDB v2.1

Recent Additions: EpoDB v2.1 Features:

What was new in EpoDB v2.0

Recent Additions: EpoDB v2.0 Features: Daphne
  From Robert Graves's The Greek Myths: 1 page 80 in the
  chapter Apollo's Nature and Deeds we have the comment:

Also from Graves's, Daphne is the daughter of Teiresias, the blind seer, and is taken to Apollo after the razing of her original temple.