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Find Your Favorite Gene

View annotation and expression profiles of specific genes of interest by uploading a list of your favorite genes, or using the form below to do a keyword search of gene names, symbols, and synonyms.

More searches by official identifiers are available through the Search menu.

Build Gene Lists

Identify sets of genes expressed in erythrocyte development that share similar annotation, such as:

Alternative, identify sets of genes based upon aspects of their mRNA expression levels during erythropoiesis.

Find genes differentially expressed between successive cell stages within an erythropoietic lineage or between equivalent cell stages across erythropoietic lineages.

More annotation and expression searches are available through the Search menu.

Explore Gene Interactions

Browse the local neighborhood of a gene of interest or find all interactions among a set of genes in an inferred and annotated gene-interaction network.

More gene-interaction searches are available through the Search menu.

Identify Transcriptional Regulators

Explore potential transcriptional regulators of Primitive and Definitive Erythropoeisis predicted via computational analysis of ErythronDB gene-interaction networks (Greenfest-Allen et al. 2013), including:

More searches involving transcriptional factors and their targets are available through the Search menu.

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ErythronDB microarray expression database now available through ArrayExpress: E-TABM-1035

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The Erythron Database is a resource dedicated to facilitating better understanding of the cellular and molecular underpinnings of mammalian erythropoiesis. The resource is built upon a searchable database of gene expression in murine primitive and definitive erythroid cells at progressive stages of maturation.

ErythronDB allows users to identify sets of genes that are differentially expressed or exhibit similar levels or patterns of mRNA expression during erythrocyte development. Searches are also available for exploring networks of gene-interactions inferred from annotated expression data.

All ErythronDB strategies can easily be refined and expanded using the Strategies interface. Register to save and share strategies with others. Registration also provides access to a Basket, which allows users to interactively assemble a list of genes of interest from search strategy results.

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Kingsley P.D., Greenfest-Allen E., Frame J., Bushnell T., Malik J., McGrath K.E., Stoeckert C.J., and Palis J. Ontogeny of erythroid gene expression. eBlood. 2012.

Greenfest-Allen E., Malik J., Palis J, and Stoeckert C.J. Stat and interferon genes identified by network analysis differentially regulate primitive and definitive erythropoiesis.   BMC Systems Biology 2013.


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