Find Genes by Tissue Specific Expression

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    Bone Marrow-Specific Expression (Q-value)
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Search Description

This search returns genes according to the overall or categorical specificity of their expression.

Genes whose expression distribution across tissues is non-uniform are considered to exhibit tissue-specific expression. Genes that have an expression pattern biased toward a particular tissue are specific to that category, in this case bone marrow. Overall specificity is measured by H. Categorical specificity is measured by Q. In both cases, lower values of these metrics indicate more specific genes.

H-values for genes in ErythronDB range from 0.18 (specific) - 5.2 (non-specific).

Q-values determined for bone marrow-specific expression of genes in ErythronDB range from 2.3 (specific) - 16.2 (non-specific).

View our methods section for more information.