We are aware that users are experiencing problems such as slow response times or downstream proxy errors while running searches on ErythronDB. We are currently investigating the issue and hope to resolve it as soon as possible.

As we work to resolve this, please check out the new version of ErythronDB (in beta), which will be officially released soon.

Our apologies for the inconvience.

Find Relationships by Gene List

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Please enter a comma or new line separated list of gene identifiers (symbol, EntrezGene, ENSEMBL, or MGI identifier). Gene symbols are case sensitive.
Select to search gene synonyms as well as official symbols. Searches are case insensitive.
Select a network to query: entire co-expression network or a restricted transcriptional regulatory network comprising only transcription factors (Factors Only) or factors and their potential non-factor targets (Factors and Non-factor Targets).
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Search Description

Find relationships among a set of genes of interest.

Genes can be specified using Gene Symbols, MGI, or EntrezGene. Searches on symbols are case insensitive and will match both gene symbols and synonyms, if the option is selected.

Comma or carriage-return separated gene lists can be entered manually or optionally a gene list may be uploaded from a file.

Search results can be downloaded in tab-delimited format from the result page and imported into network visualization tools.

NOTE: we recommed limiting gene lists to 100 or fewer genes. The ErythronDB network is an annotated correlation network (see methods for details) and highly connected. Thus most genes tend to have a large number of interactions. Searches involving large gene lists are likely to time-out and generate warnings or error messages.