SCGAP at Princeton and Penn
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Genomic Mappings
Ontology Terms in RAD
Mapping Probes to UCSC Genome
The mapping of probe sets on various arrays was done through the instances of "Gene Model" in AllGenes database. Firstly, each probe set was mapped to a DoTS assembly (DoTS transcript) if the target sequence from which the probe set was designed is contained in the assembly. Then the probe set was mapped to one or more DoTS Gene Models which contains its corresponding DoTS transcript*.

*DoTS Gene Models are computed from BLAT alignments of DoTS Transcripts to the UCSC genome. Each model includes selected alignments that overlap each other, are in proximity or are linked by ESTs from the same clone.

Gene Annotation
The MGI gene symbols and synonyms are assigned to mouse DoTS Gene Models via the mapping of DoTS transcripts to MGI accessions. Similarly, the HUGO gene symbols and synonyms are assigned to human DoTS Gene Model via the mapping for DoTS transcripts to RefSeq or LocusLink.
Available Mappings(mouse: mm5; human: hg17)