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Welcome to GAIA 22

GAIA is not currently available due to system upgrades. Please contact Chris Stoeckert ( for further information.


GAIA 22 is a Chromosome 22 specific version of the GAIA database.

GAIA is a data analysis and storage system for genomic sequence and its annotation. As a data analysis engine it accepts raw genomic sequence and automatically adds significant annotation. As a data storage system, it incorporates such sequence and annotation into its database along with a record of experimental support for the annotation. It facilitates queries against the data and graphical visualization of the query results.

The system you are looking at is a prototype. It has incorporated some of the main concepts of GAIA, however, it is work in progress and does not realize the full thrust of GAIA.

The data in the GAIA 22 prototype comes from six sources:

Query the Database

This page contains a guide to the queries that GAIA supports now.

Submit an Entry

Use this page to submit sequence to GAIA for automatic annotation and storage.

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Contents by Jules Milgram, Charles Bailey, Steve Fischer, and Jonathan Schug.