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GenomicsDB version 2.0 is now available!


The NIAGADS GenomicsDB is a searchable annotation resource that provides access to publicly available NIAGADS summary statistics datasets for Alzheimer's Disease and related neuropathologies.

What's new in version 2.0?

  • Enhanced search interface and improved presentation of gene and SNP information makes it easier than ever to identify AD-relevant sequence features. A Genome View of search results allows for quick identification of interesting regions. Enhanced annotation reports make it easier to identify AD-relevant variants.
  • 72 new datasets are availble to search, including both NIAGADS GWAS Summary Statistics and functional genomics datasets from ENCODE and FANTOM5.
    NIAGADS GWAS Summary Statistics:
    NG00040: Summary statistics from a multi-ethnic exome array study to identify low-frequency coding variants that affect susceptibility to Alzheimer's disease (AD), frontotemporal dementia (FTD), and progressive supranuclear palsy (PSP).
    NG00041: Summary statistics from meta-analysis of a GWAS study of known genetic risk loci for Alzheimer's diseaese dementia using neuropathologic data from 4,914 brain autopsies.
    Functional Genomics:
    FANTOM5 expressed enhancers, ENCODE ChIP-Seq sites for histone modification and transcription factor binding, and ENCODE DNase I hypersensitivity sites for selected brain-relevant tissues.
    Reference Databases:
    Updated reference databases (dbSNP, NCBI Gene, NHGRI GWAS Catalog, Gene Ontology annotations, and KEGG Pathways) provide comprehensive coverage and additional sequence feature annotations.
  • New tools have been added to facilitate research, such as pathway or functional enrichment analysis and co-location searches.
    Perform functional and pathway enrichment analysis of gene sets from search results or upload your own list of genes.
    Use genomic co-location to transform and integrate search results.

    Take advantage of new features for registered users: Baskets allow you to create personalized lists of genes, SNPs, or genomics regions by selecting subsets of search results and saving to a private basket. Analyze or combine basket contents with other search results using the Strategies interface. Favorites allow you to bookmark, organize, and annotate report pages for your favorite genes, SNPs, or genomic regions. Save your search strategies and then generate a static URL to share your search strategy and results privately or publicly, with the NIAGADS GenomicsDB user-community.

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